Samsung Feeder Calibration

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Samsung Feeder Calibration
Samsung Feeder Calibration
1、With simple structure, simple operation, and optimized function. Used high accuracy axis with no gab to ensure the stability
2、High accurate inspection. Pick up position, height, all can be measured with accuracy so that can better measure the quality.
3、With 10 inch LED display, circled LED lighting, 50X CCD, tight structure.
4、Simple operation, can simulate the SMT machine, monitor
The pickup position continuously automatically, so can better understand the feeder running quality in order to control the casting rate
5、Machine Model: Samsung Feeder Calibration
6、Feature: 1. Accurate X-Y axis adjustment. 2. Direct adjusted axis camera 3. Imbed 220V DC  4. Automatic and manual step function 5. Super bright LED display
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