ESD/ Conductive Anti-fatigue Mat

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ESD/ Conductive Anti-fatigue Mat

ESD anti-fatigue mat / Conductive anti-fatigue mat

Property: Antistatic/Conductive
1) 2 layer structure
Surface is pvc/rubber material, bottom is kind of resin. (professional for anti-fatigue mat)
2) Normal size: 910*610mm*15mm /610*450mm*15mm
Other size can be customized with MOQ.
3) Surface resistance:
10E8-10E9 ohmn for the ESD Anti-fatigue mat;10E3-10E5 ohmn for the Conductive Anti-fatigue mat;
4) Warranty period: Permanent anti static, other function: A year
6) classic type, fittable for electronics manufacturer and static sensitive area

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